SOBA Foundation e.V. is a non-profit making organisation which is made up of persons who have passed through St. Joseph’s college Sasse, Buea in Cameroon. Ex-students of this institution are generally called SOBANs. There are a couple of SOBA gatherings all over the world.

What distinguishes SOBA Foundation is the fact that it is made up of SOBANs in Germany who decided to go beyond gathering to discuss and care about Sasse college, to create an association within the legal framework of their host country, Germany – in order to foster the integration of Cameroonians in general and also seek ways in developing their communities, both in Germany and in Cameroon.

The organisation is made up of the Genenral Assembly and the Executive Board.


The General Assembly is the supreme organ of the association. It is made up of regular registered members of the association, who must have attended St. Joseph’s college Sasse, Buea.

The General assembly holds once every month. These regular meetings give us the opportunity to reinforce our personal contacts.They present an opportunity for all members to be up-to-date with the activities of the association. At the end of each year, members gladly participate in the ballot to choose the hosting opportunities of the following year’s meeting sessions.

Sessions are held in a collegial manner and it is also an opportunity for members to enjoy Cameroonian food which must always be in the menu.

The General Assembly has amongst others the following functions:

Elects an Executive Office for a duration of 2 year. Approves the budget of the Executive Office. Appoints honorary members.


The Executive Board runs the affairs of the organisation in compliance with statutory provisions, the constitution and the rules of procedure of the board. It is elected for a period of 2 years (previously 1 year) by the General Assembly. It is made up of the President, the Vice President, the Secretary General, the Treasurer and the Public Relations Officer (PRO).

Amongst its roles are the following:

  • The preparation and convening of meetings of the General Assembly.
  • The implementation of decisions of the General Assembly.
  • The management of the association’s affairs and the preparation of the annual report.