Mission and Vision

Our mission is to empower people to understand that they can manage their own destiny if they are ready to work for it.

Going through Sasse college in an environment in which the children of the very rich and influential had to live together with those of the poor and less influential, we realise that there is no disadvantage in being born from a poor home. Anyone can be what he wants to be if he is willing to work for it. We realised of course that some were unable to have the kind of education we enjoyed due to circumstances beyond their control – their families did not have the money to spare to send them to such an institution. We want to stand by the underprivileged and offer them opportunity.

We want to actively take part in:

  • Promoting cooperation amongst Cameroonians in Germany and their integration in the country.
  • Promoting understanding between Germans and Africans and amongst Africans.
  • Maintaining an attachment to Saint Joseph’s College Sasse and promote its reputation and show general interest in issues that assure the progress and development of the College.
  • Supporting each other in times of need.
  • Cooperating with national and international organisations that share the same goals with us.
  • Promoting the education of children and the less privileged.
  • The development of Cameroon.


Globalisation has come to stay and any society which wants to survive must understand this. It is not a one-way street. In SOBA Foundation e.V we understand that we have the advantage of living in two cultures. We live in Germany and we have our African background. We recognise the unique chance we have of building bridges between our two cultures/nations and also of changing the lives of many in Africa.

We believe:

  • We can play a very great role in promoting the understanding of different cultures.
  • We can play a very big role in promoting the development of Cameroon.
  • Through education we can create opportunity for many so that they can take care of their lives and their communities.
  • Through supporting deserving Africans who have sacrificed their time in helping their communities, we can encourage them to do more and also encourage others to do the same.
  • We can make people realise and use their potentials.