People Empowerment Forum

The SOBA Foundation People Empowerment Forum is an important arm of the association which was created to align the actions of the association more to its core values. The main aim of this forum is to build a lasting and growing resource for our community here in Germany for issues of common interest to both the Cameroonian and German population. Scholars, interest groups, entrepreneurs and other stakeholders of our community get together to discuss and find solutions to issues of interest for both our community here in Germany and in Cameroon.

We believe that there are still a lot of unexploited resources, potentials and skills due to lack of such opportunities of leveraging our potentials together for a common goal. For entrepreneurs, it’s a great platform to share ideas about the business opportunities here in Germany and also in Cameroon, form strategic partnership and improve their competiveness in the global economic stage.

We also believe that a lot of synergies can be exploited and stereotypes broken if we learn more from the German culture and provide the Germans an opportunity to learn about Cameroon. This forum therefore seeks to attract delegates from both the German and Cameroonian communities.

Opportunities provided by the Forum:

  • Networking among scholars and interest groups of the community.
  • Peer – to – Peer collaboration and experience exchange.
  • Information sharing among members of the business community and partnership opportunity.
  • Country specific and cross –country knowledge sharing.
  • Personal skills development.