Sports, as Nelson Mandela put it, has the power to change the world and to unite people. Actors of sports, academia, non-profit and non-governmental organizations, and government agencies are increasingly interested in sports as a tool to reach personal, community and development objectives, not forgetting its importance on human health.

The highlight of the 2011 convention was a prestige game between Cameroon and Nigeria. This game saw the participation of and opening by the Cameroonian ambassador to Germany. The game was won by the Cameronian side.

Football is therefore an integral part of the SOBA Foundation convention. We continue to encourage the participation of people of different nationalities.


The SOBA Foundation football cup, seeks to promote the integration of Africans in Germany through sports. At its inception, SOBANs chose a particular football team in the Ruhr area of Germany to play with at the beginning of the convention. The first game was organized in 2005 between SOBA-NRW and the Cameroonians veterans of Essen.

With growing demands by other teams to participate, this opportunity was taken into consideration, with the following conventions seeing the participation of up to 8 teams.


Over the years, female football has become an integral part of the activities which the association promotes. For many, football is a men’s affaire. For us, we think through football you do not only provide the opportunity for physical fitness, but you create avenues for people to interact together.

The African women in Germany hardly have the opportunity to practice sports out of student environments. SOBA Foundation stands to provide this opportunity and promote women, young girls as well as mothers.

Until now, it has always been the ladies of Essen playing against those of Duisburg. Both teams have equally been tough. While we continue to promote this, we are seeking other German amateur football teams to engage in football with the African women.