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It’s not a secret that the continent of Africa and its people are often viewed through a prism of negative stereotypes and perceptions. While Africa may have its own problems of hunger, war, poverty, diseases, corrupt leaders etc., these are not the things that define us or should ever define us as a people, for these problems are found everywhere in the world – Europe, America, Asia, you name it.

There are many noble indiduals working tirelessly to tell the story of Africa – individuals who sacrifice their time to elevate the noble values of the people of Africa. The SOBA Foundation fervently believes that the African community will benefit greatly if we’re respected and looked upon positively by other communities within and beyond the German society.

Instituted in 2009, the SOBA Foundation Community Award for Excellence (previously the SOBA-NRW Community Award for Excellence) is meant to recognize and honor the women and men as well as organizations of our community who through their extraordinary hard work are helping to instill a positive image and change the negative perceptions of our African continent and people.

It’s a token of encouragement to individuals and organizations whose work and efforts help project and highlight the positive life and rich culture that really defines us as a people. It affirms the SOBA Foundation’s commitment to stand and fight with others the proliferation of negative stereotypes and perceptions about the beautiful continent of Africa and its people. The Award is dotted with a cash prize of 250 EUR, accompanied with an Oscar-like figure. It is presented annually to the laureate during the SOBA Foundation’s annual Gala Night.

Awards are not issued posthumously· All nominations will be fully evaluated by the Awards Committee. The selection process is very confidential and deliberations are not to be made public.Recipients must be personally present to receive their awards.


Nominations should be forwarded to the Awards Committee no later than MAY 1ST, every year. Nominations can be submitted by any Cameroonian. Nominations are valid for only one year, but may be re-submitted each year up to a maximum of three consecutive years. The Nomination Package should include the following:

  • Letter from the individual, group or organization nominating a candidate for consideration.
  • Detailed letter (at least one page long) explaining why the Individual should be considered for the prestigious award.
  • If possible, a detailed curriculum vitae of the individual. All nominations should be emailed to with the subject line bearing the title „Nomination: SOBA Foundation Community Award for Excellence“.


  • No more than two (2) individuals or entities can be selected for the award in a single year.
  • If no suitable candidates are identified for the award in a particular year, the award will not be issued that year.
  • Award winners will be announced on this website and online news publications. Question and answer interviews with the Award recipient are encouraged for print publication and on the website.
  • Successful nominees are notified of their awards by the Office of the President.